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Barry Bain
Director, GRS | Centaur
(630) 690-4335

GRS Group’s financial services arm, GRS | Centaur, recently led a notable transaction that highlights the firm’s wide expertise in a broad spectrum of commercial real estate transaction services.

GRS | Centaur advised Little Rock, Arkansas-based Equity Management, Inc. (“EMI”) on the purchase of three Back Yard Burgers franchise locations in Mississippi.

In coordination with GRS Group’s in-house service entities—and under direct contracts with both the franchisees and financing source—GRS | Centaur handled the entire transaction, including financial advisory, property assessment services and title insurance. This included both the business and real estate being acquired on three franchised locations in Cleveland, Clarksdale and Greenwood, MS.

GRS | Centaur is well known for advising on multi-unit and complex franchise transactions.  Back Yard Burgers’ CEO, David McDougall, reports that GRS | Centaur was engaged by franchisee, Joshua Powell of Equity Management, Inc., as exclusive advisor to assist with their acquisition of a three unit franchise, including the real estate in Mississippi.

Led by director, Barry Bain, GRS | Centaur conducted a valuation of the real estate and business enterprise, structured the transaction and sourced the financing (sale-leaseback) to complete the transaction.  “We’re thrilled to close this deal, which will continue Josh’s growth with our brand. With the completion of this transaction, Equity Management now owns and operates six Back Yard Burgers in Arkansas and Mississippi with sights set on adding additional restaurants in the future,” stated McDougall.

EMI’s Powell also shared his enthusiasm for Barry Bain and GRS Group’s capabilities.  “GRS | Centaur played a key role in the purchase of our Back Yard Burgers restaurants and the monetization of the real estate,” he said. “So I must truly commend Barry Bain, Allen Brown and the rest of the team on their exemplary service.  Their overall professionalism and strategic guidance were crucial throughout the entire process, and they were instrumental in negotiating favorable terms and achieving successful results well beyond my expectations.  I was incredibly pleased with

GRS | Centaur’s performance and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a franchise business and/or related real estate.”

In addition, the sale-leaseback capital provider, STORE Capital, engaged GRS Group’s Assessment and Title Insurance arms to complete the transaction. GRS | Title handled all of the title, escrow and closing services with STORE Capital—while GRS | Corteq delivered the assessment services, including Phase Is, PCAs, and surveys. GRS | Title’s Allen Brown spearheaded the assessment and title services brought to this successful transaction.

About GRS | Centaur

Part of the GRS Group family of companies, GRS | Centaur is a real estate financial advisory firm assisting restaurant owners and operators with acquisitions/dispositions, sale-leaseback/development capital, site selection/evaluation, asset repositioning and lease restructuring/negotiations.  The firm works directly with select capital providers, private equity firms and advisors to bring the capital to acquisitions, sale-leaseback and commercial development projects.  GRS | Centaur provides customized services—helping its clients capitalize on value they’ve created—in all types of business acquisitions, divestures, strategic growth and development initiatives.

Seeking capital for an Acquisition or Development?  Through its focused approach and strategic relationships, GRS | Centaur will deliver quick and certain terms.  Contemplating a sale of your business and/or Real Estate?  Allow GRS | Centaur provide a market valuation, detailing the value of your business, owned real estate and related due diligence to thoroughly evaluate and enhance your decision.  For more information, contact Barry Bain at 630-690-4335 or via email him at