GRS Group is a leading provider of commercial real estate services

With offices across the United States and affiliates around the globe, GRS Group provides local market knowledge with global perspective for institutional real estate investors, occupiers and lenders worldwide. The GRS Group team has evaluated and advised on over $1 trillion in CRE transactions.

GRS Group was founded on the principle that strong businesses are built on trust, accountability and an environment that allows people to reach their full potential.

GRS Group has been a values-based enterprise from the very beginning. We have always believed in integrity as a prerequisite for the success we seek. We think of work as fun, and by that, we mean thoroughly engaging, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Our culture is energetic, collaborative and thrives on a passion for individual and collective excellence. And we have always believed in the power of making a difference wherever we work and live.  At the core of our business are GRS Group’s Values.

GRS Group remains a dynamic enterprise that is distinguished and defined by the extraordinary talent and commitment of our people. GRS Group people share knowledge worldwide, work in teams and enjoy a unique mix of accountability and the freedom to grow. And as a learning organization, we provide the support, training, and guidance to make sure GRS Group people learn, grow and succeed.

The GRS Group business culture is unmistakably dynamic and consistent across our businesses around the world-despite a tremendous diversity in geography, languages, and cultures-because of the quality of people we seek and keep. Our people believe in what we do, love a challenge and are energized by each opportunity to innovate and excel.

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