Assessment Services

The acquisition and finance of commercial real estate are often riddled with complex issues. Before closing, both lender and buyer need to be thorough in their due diligence. It is imperative that stakeholders learn as much as possible about the property, existing conditions and restrictions, title issues, zoning ordinances, tenants, leases and environmental hazards.

Facilities Assessment Services

Unexpected costs resulting from physical deficiencies, deferred maintenance and replacement or repair of key building systems can significantly impact operating costs and cash flow, disrupt building operations and erode the value of otherwise profitable investments. By evaluating the condition of improvements and expected capital expenditures, investors and lenders can avoid costly surprises. GRS Group offers the following facility assessment services to provide clients with the information they need to manage uncertainties to preserve the value of their investments:

  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Green Assessments
  • Property Acquisition Assessment
  • Seismic-Probable Maximum Loss (PML)
  • FEMA Classification
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Environmental Site Assessment

Under federal and state laws, the owners of real estate can be liable for cleanup of hazardous substances and petroleum products released on their property. This is true even if the release occurred before the owner became involved in the property or has no other direct responsibility for the release. As a result, related cleanup costs have a material, and sometimes catastrophic, impact on the value of real estate. Related impacts on cash flow, leasing, resale and the ability to obtain financing can all be contributors to a diminution in value.

Understanding of the environmental risks associated with a property can help property owners, buyers, lenders, and investors to protect hard-earned assets. GRS Group provides the following services to help clients identify environmental risks that can significantly impact their financial future:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Review & Update of Existing Reports
  • Risk Assessment per SBA Criteria
  • Transaction Screen Assessment
  • Lead Paint, MMP and Asbestos O&M
  • Phase II Limited Site Characterization
  • Remediation Project Management
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Construction Risk Management

The certainty of execution is an absolute priority for any client undertaking a capital investment project.

At GRS | Corteq, our Construction Risk Management unit partners with our clients by implementing cost-efficient, scalable staffing models and introducing processes designed to optimize project management activities and make the most efficient use of capital across your portfolio.

The foundation of our philosophy is built on three commitments to our clients.

Responsibility. Our approach to the delivery of your project is very simple. We take responsibility for its success. We give you the support of talented, experienced people who understand the importance of your business objectives, who provide strong, independent advice and solutions tailored specifically to your objectives, and who safeguard your interests from the inception of our commission through to its successful completion.

Leadership. Good project management requires teamwork, but it also demands leadership. We lead from the front, helping to create a structured, positive environment in which every member of your project team can operate at maximum efficiency.

Value. Underlying every aspect of our project management is a commitment to ensure that you gain the maximum advantage from your investment. We focus on delivering your project on time, to budget and to the highest appropriate level
of quality. But we also seek every opportunity to find and develop innovative solutions that add value to your objectives and results.

Construction Risk Management Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Contractor Replacement-Team Selection
  • Budget & Schedule Development
  • Service and Materials Procurement
  • Design & Construction Oversight
  • Sustainable Design & Construction
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Construction Cost Analysis

Construction Cost Analysis

The GRS Group Project Management Unit coordinates workout site inspections for REO properties to determine construction progress. The project information is evaluated and a cost to complete schedule is calculated based on the inspector’s findings. We then assign a project risk rating and make a recommendation to finish construction, suspend activity, or remove the existing structure.

Construction Risk Mitigation

Our Construction Risk Mitigation team has experts around the globe experienced in the management of construction lending risks including default management, construction workouts, nonperforming assets and REO servicing, Many of our
professionals have backgrounds in construction lending and have worked at leading financial institutions. Our unique insight and processes allow us to head off problems before they start.

Construction Completion

We serve as Project Manager and Owner’s Representative to ensure completion of construction projects. During construction, our Project Management Unit will establish a schedule for status inspections to monitor the contractor’s progress, review and recommend draw requests and perform risk management reporting and tracking.


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ALTA Survey

An ALTA Survey is a detailed commercial survey product presented in a standardized survey format. It’s used to determine property lines, locate improvements, identify easements, utilities, and many other conditions affecting the property. An ALTA Survey is the most comprehensive of all surveys.

GRS | Republic National provides ALTA surveys for clients throughout the United States. We specialize in Land Title Surveys for multi-site, multi-state commercial real estate transactions. Our typical client groups include Owners, Title Companies, Law Firms, Corporations, REITs, and Lenders.

GRS Group is a proud member of the American Land Title Association, the national trade association for the title industry. All GRS | Republic National survey reports are written to the ALTA standard. ALTA was founded in 1907 and represents 2,000 abstractors, title insurance agents, and underwriting companies.

Interactive Maps

GRS | Republic National provides interactive, color-coded maps to allow for easy review by title insurers and attorneys.  The product is consistent regardless of location.


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The Purpose of Appraisal/Valuation is to estimate the value of commercial real estate—land and buildings on that land—before it is sold, mortgaged, taxed, insured, or developed.


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Green Building Solutions

GRS | Power: Energy and Green Building Solutions

GRS | Power provides a suite of integrated energy and green-related services. With a national team of energy experts and specialist in industry, GRS | Power is qualified to provide all levels of client support, from individual projects to multisite portfolios.

Turnkey Life-Cycle Solutions:

Through our proprietary Global Services Connection (GSC), GRS | Power provides customers with services for all stages of a buildings life cycle. Regardless if that building is an existing building or new construction, GRS can help develop the appropriate process to achieve your efficiency and sustainability goals. Our process will:

  • Identify energy-efficiency improvements – We provide onsite energy assessments for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional and public-sector facilities.
  • Arrange Contracting and Installation – We coordinate the professional installation of recommended improvements
  • Help Make those Improvements Affordable – With our knowledgeable staff, we can help customers take advantage of utility and government financial incentives and rebates.
  • Manage Train and provide Continuous Benchmarking and Monitoring – We coordinate the ongoing utility management, maintenance and benchmarking of your building’s performance.

Agency Services:

GRS is proud to be an approved/qualified and active vendor for both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s Green Consultant Programs providing the following services:

  • Green Property Needs Assessment (GPNA)
  • High-Performance Building Assessment (HPB – Forms 4099 and Form 4099.H))
  • Building Energy Audits
    • ASHRAE standard Level I (Walk-through analysis)
    • ASHRAE standard Level II (Energy survey and analysis)
  • Benchmarking (Monthly and Annual Services)
  • Utility Bill Data Collection and Management

Energy and Sustainability Consulting Services:

  • Building Energy Audits & Energy Star Modeling
  • LEED and Sustainable Building Consulting
  • Building Commissioning
  • Energy Benchmark and Disclosure
  • Utility and Government Program Management
  • Energy Procurement
  • Solar Consulting
  • Energy Infrastructure Project Development
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