Global Services Connection

Our proprietary project management system is called the Global Services Connection. Services are based on each client’s needs. A bundled approach may suit some—while others may prefer to purchase services individually.

Transaction Services

The acquisition and finance of commercial real estate are often riddled with complex issues.  Before Closing, both lender and buyer need to be thorough in their due diligence.  It is imperative that stakeholders learn as much as possible about the property, existing conditions and restrictions, any physical deficiencies, title issues, zoning ordinances, tenants, leases and environmental hazards. GRS | Corteq provides myriad services to help clients identify risks that can impact their projects.

Sustainability Solutions

Old or inefficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment and fixtures can increase the amount of water and energy usage and the associated costs. By reviewing a property’s historical water & energy usage and evaluating the systems in place, recommendations can be made to reduce these expenditures. Our energy engineering team has performed audits on a wide range of multifamily buildings, large apartment complexes, universities, and hospitals.

Global Services Connection

GRS Group companies represent a diverse set of commercial real estate transaction services. Every day, our professionals around the world work together to help clients achieve their investment goals. For a truly adapted solution, we provide a single point of contact, supported by the GRS Global Services Connection. As a partner to our client’s internal transaction team, we leverage GRS Group’s expertise and geographic range, coordinating multiple services and customized solutions.

European Affiliates

GRS Group has a long-standing relationship with its affiliate in the United Kingdom, Capital & Provincial.  The two firms have completed numerous projects together over the past eight years.

With specialist knowledge of building technology and construction, GRS | Capital & Provincial provides extensive coverage throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. GRS | Capital & Provincial offers a complete range of services from its UK headquarters in London.

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