Global Services Connection

To facilitate our unique and innovative business model, GRS Group has developed a proprietary information and project management system, the Global Services Connection. Delivery of services is based on each client’s needs. A bundled approach may suit one client—while another may prefer to purchase services individually. Technology is at the core of the Global Services Connection. We consistently update our systems through leading technology partners to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

The acquisition and finance of commercial real estate are often riddled with complex issues.  Before Closing, both lender and buyer need to be thorough in their due diligence.  It is imperative that stakeholders learn as much as possible about the property, existing conditions and restrictions, any physical deficiencies, title issues, zoning ordinances, tenants, leases and environmental hazards. GRS | Corteq provides myriad services to help clients identify risks that can impact their projects.

Title insurance guarantees or indemnifies an owner of real property against financial loss or damage resulting from a lien, encumbrance, or defect in the title to the real property.  In general, title insurance policies protect property owners, and lenders, from costly defects in land titles, such as prior liens or claims of ownership that arise after the transaction. GRS | Title provides accurate, timely and complete title search and real estate related search services in every geographic region of the country.

GRS | Centaur Financial Advisors have extensive experience in the commercial real estate investment and finance markets working with a full spectrum of business owners/operators, balance sheet lenders, securitization programs, institutional investors and mortgage servicers. Our advisors assist investors, lenders, and owners in developing comprehensive investment, operational and risk management strategies in order to maximize the growth potential of their commercial real estate assets.

GRS Group companies represent a diverse set of commercial real estate transaction services. Every day, our professionals around the world work together to help clients achieve their investment goals. For a truly adapted solution, we provide a single point of contact, supported by the GRS Global Services Connection. As a partner to our client’s internal transaction team, we leverage GRS Group’s expertise and geographic range, coordinating multiple services and customized solutions.

European Affiliates

GRS Group has a long-standing relationship with its affiliate in the United Kingdom, Capital & Provincial.  The two firms have completed numerous projects together over the past eight years.

With specialist knowledge of building technology and construction, GRS | Capital & Provincial provides extensive coverage throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. GRS | Capital & Provincial offers a complete range of services from its UK headquarters in London.

For Title Services in the UK and Europe, GRS Group has affiliated with Secure Legal Title.

In an environment where risk management is a vital component of any transaction, GRS | Secure Legal Title’s products provide assurance that the purchaser is getting clean title to the property and that the mortgage is properly recorded.  They will also indemnify policyholders against litigation costs or losses due to claims from third parties against the affected property.

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