Min Kwak is Associate Director at GRS Group

Min Kwak is Associate Director at GRS Group
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In this space, we have discussed the many different services that GRS Group provides its commercial real estate clients. Blog posts have addressed everything from timber deals to the Los Angeles office and industrial markets. Now we would like to explain how it all comes together under one umbrella at the firm. GRS Group’s services are unified through a program called the Global Services Connection, which has the ability to directly connect clients with all of the services that GRS Group has to offer. We spoke with Min Kwak, an associate director at the firm, who explains how it works.

What is the Global Services Connection?

Simply put, the Global Services Connection (GSC) is a central business hub that enables us to provide our clients with all the commercial real estate services they need to close a deal.

That’s nice. But really, what is it?

It is a platform that enables GRS Group to provide not only our core services such as: Title Insurance, Phase I Reports and Property Condition Assessments, but also:

Okay, but why do I want to use it?

GRS Group has essentially streamlined the process of completing a real estate transaction from start to finish. We obtain the bids for the services needed, provide project management, delivery of the finished product, and provide assistance throughout the life of the deal.

Couldn’t I do that myself? Why do I need the GSC?

The Global Services Connection takes the headache and workload away from the client. Instead of having to contact multiple providers for an array of services, they can make a single request outlining the different services they need. The GSC will provide a comprehensive proposal that outlines the pricing and scope of work for each service.

More importantly, the GSC provides the quality level of project management and individual attention our clients are used to. This includes tracking project status, providing timely updates, cross-referencing salient asset data, providing technical assistance and ensuring on-time delivery of all reports and/or products. Even better? We provide a single point of contact so the client always knows whom they can reach out to for updates or questions. Keeping track of multiple providers and delivery dates is a thing of the past; we do it all for you.

The way transactions are being completed is changing; they need more information upfront and projects need to be completed on a faster timeline. The GSC is working to ensure we’re at the forefront of change.

Sounds good, but does it really work?

Yes. Even better than magic.