Finance and Real Estate Advisory

GRS | Centaur Finance and Real Estate Advisors have extensive experience developed through years in the commercial real estate investment, development, and finance markets.  We work with a full spectrum of business owners/operators, developers, lenders, mortgage bankers, private and institutional investors, and mortgage servicers.

Our advisors assist owners, investors, and lenders in developing comprehensive investment, operational and risk management strategies in order to maximize the growth and return potential of their commercial real estate and business assets.

Real Estate Capital Solutions

At GRS | Centaur, we understand the complexities of commercial real estate capitalization and how it relates to business enterprise value and growth.  We have in-depth knowledge of sale-leaseback financing, equity capitalization, and balance sheet finance. We understand the complex documentation requirements that guide these transactions.

Through comprehensive analyses and pervasive market knowledge, we develop financial solutions for the acquisition, disposition, or refinance of both stabilized and transitional businesses and related properties. Whether our clients are seeking to develop, acquire, sell, finance, recapitalize or reposition capital, GRS | Centaur can create a solution to fit their needs.

Cost Segregation

Generating positive cash flow while at the same time managing existing debt obligations and assessing upcoming debt maturities can be challenging. GRS | Capstan can provide value throughout the property’s ownership cycle identifying and “segregating” various building components for tax purposes. Cost Segregation analysis can assist in improving a property’s near term cash flow and minimizing capital gains tax upon the sale of the asset.

Cost Segregation combines an engineering study with an IRS-accepted tax strategy used to accelerate depreciation deductions by identifying certain building components and allocating them to an accelerated depreciation schedule of 5, 7 or 15 years. No new deductions are identified, but rather deductions are moved forward that might otherwise take 27.5 or 39 years to fully realize. Once performed, the accelerated depreciation schedules and resulting tax deferral greatly improve cash flow.

A cost segregation study may be advantageous if:

• Building a new facility
• Acquiring an existing building,
• Improving, renovating or expanding an existing building, or
• Conducting leasehold improvements

Asset Feasibility Studies

The goal of a feasibility study is to give the client a clear evaluation of the potential for maximizing value or mitigating losses for a particular development project.

GRS | Centaur’s feasibility analysis focuses on the characteristics, location, market fundamentals, and competitive position of the asset. By combining this service with data gathered by other GRS Group companies, we help our clients formulate a coordinated strategic solution.

Each client has specific needs for each different asset as it relates to their investment strategy. Therefore our Asset Feasibility Studies are carefully and individually tailored.  Elements of a Feasibility Study may include:

• Asset Summary
• Photos, maps & property inspection findings
• Market Study
• Cost and Return Analysis
• Sales and Rent comp analysis
• Key issues impacting marketability
• Cash flow projections
• Immediate needs assessment
• Recommended disposition strategy

Underwriting, Due Diligence and Cash Flow Modeling

Optimizing transaction economics and maximizing asset value require sound financial decision-making.  At GRS | Centaur, our goal is to allow clients to better leverage their in-house decision-making talents and utilize our professionals to extend their underwriting & due diligence staff.

Critical to the success of any transaction is ensuring that all elements are accounted for, thoroughly researched, and properly valued. Through our in-depth understanding of originations, entitlement, development process, and property and credit risk analysis, we provide support services for underwriting and due diligence. We can provide complete process underwriting, or we can manage specific underwriting or due diligence functions.

Our due diligence work also includes the entitlement and development process, evaluating the property title, arranging and negotiating title insurance, reviewing property surveys, zoning, and land-use law compliance and permitting requirements, as well as evaluating environmental site assessments, and reviewing leases.

We also clearly understand commercial real estate income. We provide historical cash flow analysis, current property level underwriting, cash flow projections, and discounted cash flows.

GRS | Centaur can deliver an experienced team of professionals that provide insight into an asset’s potential income and ultimate valuation for investment and disposition strategies. We have specialized practice groups for retail and restaurant properties, including franchise portfolios, and have transactional experience across North America.

Acquisition & Disposition Services

GRS | Centaur provides a complete range of acquisition and disposition services for businesses and commercial real estate.  With a finger on the pulse of established and emerging real estate markets, GRS | Centaur anticipates trends and offers a multi-disciplined approach to help clients capitalize on opportunities and maximize investment returns.

Acquisition & Disposition services may include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Portfolio Review
  • Property Identification/Site Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis and Review
  • Preparation of Marketing Materials
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Management of Escrow and Closing
Lease Administration, Restructuring & Asset Repositioning

GRS | Centaur helps business owners improve leverage and cash flow by monetizing, structuring and, when necessary, repositioning real estate assets and commitments.  Whether part of a merger or acquisition, expanding into new markets, consolidating, or making a difficult decision on underperforming facilities, our team serves both healthy companies as well as those in turnaround or in workout situations.

For troubled borrowers faced with declining property values, inadequate cash flows, or the threat of foreclosure, GRS | Centaur brings a wealth of experience in commercial real estate workouts. Through our vast network of lenders and loan servicers, our specialists fully understand the dynamics of the workout process as well as the complexities of negotiations affecting borrowers, lenders, landlords, and tenants.

For operators seeking negotiated relief from landlords, GRS | Centaur offers unit level & market evaluations creating valuable insights to restructuring solutions, rent relief, and release terminations for dark locations.