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The upcoming ICSC RECon show in Las Vegas between May 22 and 25 promises to be another busy event.

With over 1000 exhibitors and over 36,000 (and counting) attendees, this event will again be the world’s largest commercial real estate conference, and also the premier networking event for industry professionals from around the world.

Spread across three large exhibit halls and countless ancillary meeting rooms, this event can be a physical challenge, even for the most fit. Last year, from early morning, until late-night revelry was completed, I walked nearly 21 miles on Monday and 17 miles on Tuesday. It’s exhausting to say the least! Here are some hints to help survive the event:

1) Wear comfortable shoes. You may walk several miles, and you may also be wearing them for 18-20 hours. Wear a different pair each day.

2) Hydrate. Drink plenty of water. It is very dry in Las Vegas, and you will dehydrate quicker than you think. The exercise you get will also deplete your body’s water supply. Six-to-eight ounces per hour is recommended. If you are having a late-night glass of wine or cocktail, have a glass of water along with it.

3) Protein. Your muscles will do a lot of work with all the walking, standing, and stair climbing. They need protein to replenish. A low-sugar protein bar, snack packs of nuts, and other similar foods are a good idea. Something portable and easy to eat is the best bet.

4) Find a quiet place to sit and relax for a few minutes a couple of times a day. There are plenty of places to sit for a few minutes – you just need to look for them. Your body and mind will appreciate the break.

5) If it is not too hot, try walking outside between halls. Your body will enjoy the fresh air, and it can be less crowded and less stressful than navigating the concourses.

6) Try to schedule meetings consecutively in the same exhibit hall. This will reduce the amount of time spent traveling between halls and maximize your meeting times. It also means less walking!

Happy networking!