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Jeff Coyne
Director, GRS | Corteq
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Myself and other GRS Group colleagues attended the recent Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) winter conference in Long Beach, Calif., and it was an impressive event. There were about 200 industry professionals in attendance, which was a high-water mark for this particular EBA event.

Among those present were thought leaders, specialists in environmental banking, third-party service providers and representatives of several banking enterprise risk-management firms (ERMs).

There were some great networking opportunities at the show’s cocktail parties and dine-arounds, where we were able to enjoy time with current clients and meet other firms that may potentially need our Global Services Connection offerings.

Meanwhile, there were some very informative educational sessions. Attendees got to learn about the ongoing monitoring of water in Hinkley, Calif., which was the setting of the film “Erin Brockovich.”

We were also informed about the integration of environmental into appraisal valuation, oil and gas project financing, vapor-intrusion risk pathways, cleanup requirements for formerly active oil and gas sites, and much more.  In two and a half days, not many rocks were left unturned, and we will be posting more information about those topics here in coming days.

GRS Group is a proud member and contributor to the EBA, and looks forward to seeing all of our friends and colleagues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this summer, when the organization has its Fort Worth Conference June fifth through eighth.