Title Service: The UK and Europe

For Title Services in the UK and Europe, GRS Group has affiliated with Secure Legal Title.

In an environment where risk management is a vital component of any transaction, GRS | Secure Legal Title’s products provide assurance that the purchaser is getting clean title to the property and that the mortgage is properly recorded.  It will also indemnify policyholders against litigation costs or losses due to claims from third parties against the property.

Secure Legal Title provides title and legal indemnity insurance in Europe.  Backed by Lloyd’s market financial strength rating of A+, higher than leading title insurers, Secure Legal Title is able to consider solutions for a whole range of issues in order to mitigate the legal risks of property investment and mortgage finance.

Secure Legal Title works closely and extensively with its clients and their counsel to understand the specific or general risks in a transaction and to address their specific needs.

Headquartered in London, Secure Legal Title covers risks throughout Continental Europe and the UK.