Ian Ritter is Online Content Manager at GRS Group

Ian Ritter is Online Content Manager at GRS Group

We recently caught up with GRS | Title client Steven Davis, managing member at Retail Investment Group, LLC, on the show floor at ICSC’s RECon show. Davis, who has had a long-standing business relationship with GRS National Account Manager Allen Brown, spoke about how the firm helps him complete transactions.

How do you go about picking a due-diligence firm?

A lot is going to depend on history, reputation, and people who have done a good job in the past. We usually don’t change companies too often.  Past history will dictate who we select in the future.

It’s definitely word of mouth. At the same time, if costs go up, then you want re-evaluate, and maybe look elsewhere, if that becomes a problem, or if they’re too busy.

Why did you choose to work with GRS | Title?

I knew Allen Brown before he was with the company, he always gave good personalized service, so I stuck with him through the next company. I don’t think anyone minimizes the value of a good relationship, and that’s also why it’s important not to have bad ones. Your reputation is everything.

What are some specific areas in which he’s guided you that were helpful?

The national transactions that we’re involved in. We’ve done transactions in other markets where Allen has been useful with providing costs and third-party data that normally would have been a little more difficult to obtain. As long as he’s providing what I need, that’s what’s important.

We’ve worked with other companies, probably because it wasn’t our choice. If someone else was handling our reports or escrow or title needs, it’s because they already had the relationship, and they were the ones that dictated who we used for that work. It worked, but if I was given the choice to choose someone, I am going to choose who I know and who I’ve worked with in the past. I have always gotten the best prices and very proficient feedback.

It’s important that Allen knows the kind of work that we do. Sometimes he can already give us information that we may need before we know that we need it and answer questions that we have yet to ask. We’ve had some difficulties with some transactions, maybe through easements or some other obstacles that were thrown our way, and Allen has always been able to overcome them.

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