GRS | Corteq recently completed environmental assessments on 19 quarry sites and concrete block plant facilities throughout the Southeast.  This project was unique in that the scope of work did not involve a typical Phase I Environmental Report or PCA.  Rather, it required a more customized assessment and compliance overview—which GRS | Corteq was readily able to provide.

The first phase of the assessment studied hazardous materials and their use, storage and disposal—while the second phase involved a compliance overview asking such questions as:

What permits are required?;
Does the property owner have them?; and
Are these permits up to date?

GRS | Corteq visited all 19 sites in Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee—each over 100 acres in size—and completed the project in the required 3-week timeframe.

“This was a great case study for showcasing our firm’s technical abilities,” said Gary Sirota, the GRS | Corteq director who spearheaded the servicing package.  “GRS | Corteq’s expertise lends itself nicely to these out-of-the-box projects—and we have the resources and national footprint to get the work done on time and on budget.”